When I look back over the years at the weddings I’ve been in and the weddings I’ve attended, I’m amazed at the changes. When I was first married, I chose daisies for my bouquet. I was a flower child, and Marguerite daisies expressed my style (or lack thereof!). Back then, wedding bouquets were usually round balls of white tulips and roses. Later florists started adding wraps of lace and embroidery, even feathers. Then came orchids. A few years ago some brides just carried a few stems of a favorite flower wrapped with a ribbon. Today the goal is to express your personality, your favorite colors and flowers.


My bouquets are rich and lush. I like to create airy, asymmetrical bouquets with lots of different flowers in soft, seasonal palettes.


Once you pick a color or colors for your wedding, you’ll find that everything seems to fall in place after that. So give me a call and let’s set up an appointment to talk about what’s in season on your wedding day and what you like.




Special Events

Once we’ve done our homework about what flowers are in season when your event rolls around, it’s time to pick a color so it can be used in centerpieces, invitations, stationery, table runners, napkins…. You get the picture: Make a bold statement with color. Especially if your event is outside during the day. Imagine tables set up on green grass and a blue sky backdrop. Which means flowers with brilliant hues. If your event is inside during the evening, something more subdued, more elegant, is called for.


Give me a call. Show me your venue. Let’s talk about getting those oohs and aahs that will make your event memorable.