Flower Power!

Flower Power!

Welcome to my new blog about Flower Power! Being an old hippie and painter, I find writing about flowers and designing bouquets and arrangements come naturally to me. Both of my sons subscribe to Eastern isms, and they will tell you that bread feeds the body, and flowers feed the soul.

My goal in this blog is to teach you about flowers and help you see the magic and wonder in even the simplest of blooms. Winter is a tough time to start talking about flower because everything we have right now in Virginia is forced from a bulb or flown in from thousands of miles at great freight cost.

Hellebores, or Lenten Roses, are about to come out of the ground—just as soon as this pile of slush and snow and ice melts. They have lovely undertones of lime green and purple, the flowers are shy and bend their heads to the ground, and the blooms last forever. So, hellebores it will be, next time. Meantime, look them up and you’ll be amazed at how many there are!

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