How to Condition Those Big Mopheads


How to Condition Those Big Mopheads

Now that hydrangeas are available year round, it’s time to learn how to condition this quintessential wedding flower. Hydrangeas are water lovers. In fact, the name means “water barrel.”

Cut your blooms early in the day. Try to cut mature flowers because they last longer than those that have just bloomed. Mature flowers are one solid color, immature have a mix of colors ranging from green to yellow.

Strip off all the leaves. (They drink too much water.) Cut your stem at an angle. (The shorter the stem, the longer the flower will stay fresh.) Then take a pair of scissors or shears and cut straight up the stem to allow the flower to get more water.

Put the flowers in lukewarm water up to their necks. (Be sure to use floral preservative.) Cover the flowers with damp white paper towels and put in a cool place overnight.

If you have no time for the above, plunge those big round flowers (yes, the flowers, not the stems) in a bucket of cool water for 20 minutes, shake off the water and start arranging. Umbel flowers will take water any way they can get it!

Whatever you do, do not put them in a refrigerator that contains fruits and vegetables. The gases will wither hydrangeas. (Really!)

Hydrangeas can be used to fill or thrill. A few go a long way in those bridal shower and baby shower arrangements, too.

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