New Beginnings

New Beginnings

My passion for flowers began in childhood. Forsythia, Lilies of the Valley and Oriental Poppies grew outside my bedroom windows. The gaudy orange Poppies were my favorites. (Now Poppies have been so hybridized that you can get them in lovely pastels.) I would cut ALL of them and use the centers to stamp black designs on my mother’s stationery.

In college in the sixties, I bought bouquets of Daisies and wove them into crowns to wear in my hair. Then came three children, and I was always the mother who did the special arrangements for teas, kindergarten graduations, and the like. Eventually I graduated to the Altar Guild in our Episcopal Church in Middleburg.

About a year ago, I started noticing new and absolutely glorious floral arrangements in home décor magazines and soon began stalking Sarah Ryhanen and Nicolette Owen. I’ll never forget the day I discovered their Little Flower School in New York. I signed right up! There really is a new school of thought on flower arranging, and these two are at the forefront of it. Their colors and designs are breathtaking. Not to mention their own personal grace and style!

I studied Fine Arts in college, and floral designing seems to me to be an extension of that, an art, not a trade. I like to create soft, simple, seasonal palettes, with airy designs and lots of dancing blooms with different textures and shapes.

So, I’ve opened a studio, Fleurs of Orlean, at my home in Orlean, Virginia. I’m going through catalogues, picking out seeds and plants, ordering beautiful containers, ribbons and ephemera, getting ready for a special event and waiting for the branches in the woods to bud.

And, I’m looking forward to creating more fat and sassy bridal bouquets, and working with couples. After all, your wedding day deserves the best!

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